Espresso coffee pods are a premium coffee product and offer  many advantages;

Absolute Freshness

The fresh, rich flavours that embody freshly roasted coffee beans are highly volatile, especially  the premium coffee products. Coffee is also an organic product, inconsistent and deteriorating over time. Cafés counter the freshness, issues by daily stripping/cleaning the grinder and discarding unused/unbagged coffee beans. With Espresso coffee pods, each pod is  individually sealed in nitrogen to retard the deterioration of freshness and flavour over time(2 years). This packing technology also used to pack potato crisps. A proven packing method for food products that have freshness measured in hours/minutes.

Rich Flavour

A $50,000 super grinder, with refrigerated grindstones is used to grind the coffee beans. A very fine grind can be achieved without any heat transfer(burning the coffee beans). The paper that encases the coffee also serves as a very fine filter. The combination yields a coffee purity(no residue) and a rich flavour.

Cup to Cup Consistency

There are many variables associated with the espresso making process; ie the grind, the dose, the tamp pressure, the coffee batch, multiple operators, humidity levels(swells coffee beans) etc.  With espresso coffee pods, the freshness and flavour are always consistent.

Cup to Cup Variety

No matter how good the coffee is, it is human nature that we are  going to want a change. It is also  human nature that not everybody is actually going to like the same brand/blend of coffee. With a traditional system, change means re-setting the grind, dose and tamp and/or multiple grinders.Espresso pods are specifically designed for cup to cup variety

Cost Efficiences

Commercial pod systems cost less to purchase(no grinder, smaller footprint), cost less to maintain(less wear/tear parts), cost less to clean(the pods go in and out intact). Cost less to operate(no/little staff training). No coffee spoilage and wastage. Faster throughput.

Coffee Pods Vs Coffee Capsules

Coffee pods are designed to yield a saleable quality cafe-style coffee in a commercial environment. Without using coffee beans/a coffee grinder and without a qualified/experienced coffee barista.

Coffee capsules are designed to provide home users with a "better than instant coffee"  alternative.